Paul Mealing, writer of Elvene, romance, fantasy, science fiction story, Australia

Paul P. Mealing

Paul Mealing is the writer of the fantasy, science fiction, romance novel, 'Elvene', and 'Kidnapped in Time', a screenplay.

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The Kiri Myth of Ocean Woman

"Your book is well written and well presented and deserves to sell well. Elvene is a great novel. Keep writing." ... Shirley Randles (Broadcast presenter of 'Write Now' on Southern 88.3FM, Melbourne)

"I had the feeling while reading... of a film, because it is a strong visual story and would translate well."... Douglas Stanley (Producer with Nomad Films International)

"What a rollicking good story you have in Elvene. I enjoyed the storyline, the characters and the interesting way you entwined past and future worlds. It had me riveted... Well done."... Kasha Kira Sa Ra

"I found the book entertaining and very different to anything I've read before."... John Shiels

"I have just finished Elvene and enjoyed it. Not my usual reading but it kept me captivated to the end." ...Sue Jane

"...exceeds most I have seen with its sheer imagination and page turning appeal. I loved it." ... Cleo Pozzo (Script assessor and editor)

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